How many calories do you burn while you sleep?

Did you know that your brain remains highly active while you’re in deep sleep which is also known as REM sleep? Often your brain is more active in these periods than when you are awake. This is because it is storing all the data or “memories” of the day into our long term memory “storage” and getting ready for the next day.

 burn while you sleep

Everything, of course, requires a source of energy to function, luckily for us, our energy comes in the form of food which our body digests into the basic ingredients. One of which is glucose. During the entire sleeping process, our body is consistently producing glucose to provide energy for our thoughts. Continue reading

How to improve sleep during hot nights without AC

We all love summer, it brings the motivation to get out, get fit. Go to beaches, enjoy the sunshine, get a nice tan going and so forth. For many of us, however, it also leads to a horrible situation of unbearable heat at night, this can cause things such as night sweats and degrade not only the quality of sleep but also your quantity of sleep. We have decided today to bring forth a list of ways to promote staying cool whilst in bed, as well as, promote our body to stay cool before it is time to go sleep.

sleep during hot nights

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How to rest warmly on those cool nights

Cool weather is perfect for snuggling up with a book, or a movie. Enjoying a good cup of something hot and, of course, don’t forget the chocolate. Traditional winter nights. However, there are certain cases where you may not enjoy these winter nights. When the cold seems to creep up under your blankets, this is when you perhaps wish it was a tad bit warmer. Well, we can’t change the environment but we can help you with tips to keep warm on these nights.

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What is the right amount of time to sleep?

While growing up we are constantly lectured and taught, through our teachers, parents, siblings, family, and friends about the importance of sleep and the impact that it may have on our lives. Now, just sleeping “X” many hours a day – does not mean that you are sleeping healthily.

right amount of time to sleep

Key things to consider when sleeping include the duration of your sleep, are you sleeping enough or are you sleeping too much? The quality of your sleep, every morning when you wake up, do you remain groggy and pessimistic or are you optimistic to the day ahead? These are all vital.

However, today we are going to sharpen your perception on what exactly is the “correct” amount of time for you to sleep to maintain a healthy sleeping routine. Not only for you, but also for your children as well as for teens in general. Continue reading