How to have a pain free back while sleeping

pain free back while sleeping

Busy with work, you feel a bothersome spike of pain originating from your back, however, as quick as it came it is gone again. Time to hit the gym, just as you’re starting the cardio for the day again the pain Is there, pushing it aside you carry on like normal until at the end of the day you lay in bed, it’s there again but this time, the pain is not relenting, now you are losing sleep because you’re in pain and the pain is becoming more intensified because you are losing sleep, it’s a nasty cycle. Continue reading

How pillows contribute to a great night’s rest, every night!

We all have a specific way we sleep, with a preference to certain pillows. For some they are soft and fluffy for others, the pillows must be firm, few can remember when this habit began and even fewer know of the importance of having and making use of the correct type of pillows, not only to improve our sleep but also to ensure that we are sleeping healthily – this means not unnecessarily straining our spines to accommodate the lack of straightness due to a bad quality pillow.

best types of pillows to use Continue reading

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