The link between your sleeping equipment and that unbearable pain in the morning.

A lot of people does not realize this, however if you find yourself, waking up in the mornings, perhaps, every morning – with a constant stiffness, a terrible pain in the neck, or a stinging pain in the back that just won’t seem to go away.

The most likely cause will be the sleeping equipment that you are using such as your pillow – which will either make or break - neck stiffness and neck pain.

As well as, your mattress which will be the common cause for either providing back pain or reducing back pain.How does a pillow affect your sleep?

It seems absurd to consider, at first, you use your pillow every night, why do you only have neck pain on certain nights if it is indeed the culprit that we claim it to be?Well, simply put, the main function of a pillow is to help align your neck with the rest of your body, this support should efficiently create a straight spine situation and maintain it. Giving you correct posture while you sleep.When your pillow, however, does not do this. This could be due to many factors such as:• Not the right type of pillow for your sleeping style (side, stomach or back sleeper).• Not the right firmness or softness unique to your preference.• Old, no longer providing the support that it once was.If your pillow falls into any of these categories, then it will be considered wise to go find yourself a nice new pillow. Pillows that are no longer able to maximize support will ultimately minimize comfort. Due to the lack of support towards promoting the correct posture, as well as, not aligning the neck correctly, this is how neck stiffness, as well as, neck pain is created morning by morning.How does a mattress play a role?Similar to your pillow, if you find that you are facing back pain first thing in the morning every morning, which seems to disappear within 30 minutes from first waking up, then your culprit is that very mattress you trust every night. It is always a wise idea to replace your mattress every 8 years – even when not facing back pain issues. However, making use of equipment such as mattress toppers and mattress pads will also help to reduce back pain and improve support to your body.If you're deciding on purchasing a new mattress, the best way to select a mattress that is best for you depends on your preference. However, in general, it is considered smart to get a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft. Both of which will cause tension on pressure points and incorrect posture.If you find that you simply cannot burn a huge hole through your pocket every 8 years, worry not, mattress toppers were created to help with this problem. Providing support to the areas of your mattress, that just simply put aren’t providing the support you need. Helping you to get a higher quality night’s sleep without that terrible back pain first thing in the morning.

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